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Arab Film Festival 2014

Shorts Program 1

Shorts Program 1

Artists' Television Access
October 15, 2014 7:00 pm


In This Program

  1. Sled

    Yassine el Idrissi / Narrative / Morocco / 2013 / 12 mins
    Ismail is an eight year old child living with his sister in a mud house in the Atlas Mountains. After the death of their parent, Ismail starts to live his life the way he wants to, to the dismay of his sister.

  2. Wishing Well

    Julia Finkernagel / Narrative / Afghanistan, Germany / 2014 / 15 mins
    Strong-willed development aid worker Karla comes to Afghanistan in order to build a well but soon realizes that her western notion of what is good for people is being evaluated totally different in another culture.

  3. Egyptian Sons

    Tania Kamal-Eldin / Documentary / Egypt / 2014 / 30 mins
    Egyptian Sons juxtaposes the daily lives of two preteen boys from two different cultural "places” in Egypt. Abdallah is a single child from Cairo living with his mother; and Islam is from a village oasis living with his large family.

  4. In Her Eyes

    Sara Saber / Narrative / UAE / 2013 / 18 mins
    Two characters a widow and her daughter fill their lives with poetry and art, when life was easier in the past and art was much more appreciated. Twenty years later, the daughter decides to leave the house. The mother then sells the family history yet dies shortly afterwards.

  5. Though I know the River is Dry

    Omar Robert Hamilton / Narrative / Palestine / 2013 / 19 mins
    The film tells the story of a man's return to Palestine years after making a decision to emigrate to the United States. The story is told through parallel timelines, interweaved with archival footage

  6. Pink Bullet

    Ramzi Hazboun / Narrative / Palestine / 2014 / 11 mins
    Ali wakes up jumbled by the construction noise coming from outside, and the disturbing dream he just had. Little did he know that his day would be shuddery as the way it started, yet with little twists.

Dates & Times

Shorts Program 1

Artists' Television Access
October 15, 2014 7:00 pm